Privacy Policy

We respect and value your privacy here at We hold your privacy and the privacy of you in the highest regard. Our Apps:

SMS spam extensions provide a way for you to detect and filter spam from your incoming SMS and MMS messages. Spam Filters App can access all of the text and content included in incoming SMS and MMS messages that you receive from senders that are not in your Contacts. These messages may include verification codes from banks or other institutions, as well as other personal or sensitive information that may be in SMS and MMS messages. Spam Filters App just reads only your messages then filtering without writing into other places.

Spam Filters App DOES NOT collect, store or share your data on other places.

After you have responded to a SMS or MMS message three times or have added the sender to your Contacts, SMS and MMS messages from that sender will no longer be sent to the extension provider.

You may choose to disable a SMS spam extension at any time. To do so, open "Settings" -> "Messages" -> "Unknown & Spam", and remove the extension from the list.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please Contact Usl: